Pope Francis asks Nuncios to nominate candidates "who are pastors close to the people"

Addressing papal nuncios gathered in Rome from around the world on June 21, 2013, Pope Francis said the following about their important duty to send him names of possible future bishops:

"In the delicate task of carrying out inquiries for episcopal appointments be careful that the candidates are pastors close to the people, fathers and brothers, that they are gentle, patient and merciful; animated by inner poverty, the freedom of the Lord and also by outward simplicity and austerity of life, that they do not have the psychology of "Princes". Be careful that they are not ambitious, that they do not seek the episcopate - volentes nolumus - and that they are married to a Church without being in constant search of another. That they are able to "watch over" the flock that will be entrusted to them, take care to keep it united, “vigilant” of the dangers that threaten it, but above all that they are able to "watch over" the flock, to keep watch, imbue hope, that they have sun and light in their hearts, to lovingly and patiently support the plans which God brings about in His people. Let us think of the figure of St. Joseph, who watches over Mary and Jesus, of his care for the family that God entrusted to him, and the watchful gaze with which he guides it in avoiding dangers. For this reason Pastors must know how to be ahead of the herd to point the way, in the midst of the flock to keep it united, behind the flock to prevent someone being left behind, so that the same flock, so to speak, has the sense of smell to find its way."

We respectfully ask 'Who better to know who these pastors are, than the people who have shared parish life with them?'

With that in mind we invite you to express your thoughts on the needs of your diocese and the qualities and qualifications most desirable in your next bishop. Most importantly, we encourage you to write directly to the Apostolic Nuncio to share your thoughts with him, including if you wish,  the name of any individual(s) you believe suited to serve as the next Bishop of your diocese.

Your letter should  be addressed to the Apostolic Nuncio at:

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano
WASHINGTON DC 20008-3610